Icosa balances form, function and quality so the garments you purchase remain cherished elements of your wardrobe for years to come. We stand firmly against fast fashion and overconsumption--we use sustainable materials whenever possible and we make in small batches to help keep waste from landfills. Our factory team is paid a living wage and works in a safe and equitable environment. We’re always happy to answer questions about our supply chain and we frequently post behind-the-scenes content from our factory floor so you can see exactly who made your clothes.

Icosa is the private label of Nicole Myrick, the founder of Belvidere Terrace Atelier, located in the historic Mount Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore, MD. BTA’s mission is to help the next generation of designers and entrepreneurs grow their fashion businesses while upholding the values of ‘slow fashion’—that is, taking the time to create well-made products which last longer, using an ethical supply chain that doesn’t exploit people or the planet, and not overproducing collections, which reduces waste. BTA works closely with Sew Bromo, a factory school in Baltimore that promotes the same values and teaches hands-on courses to entrepreneurs so they’re armed with the knowledge they need to succeed. We believe this holistic approach can reshape an aging and exploitative industry and help create a better future for us all.